• LED indicator
  • USB power
  • WIFI socket
  • Pir Sensor Switch
  • Jingle bell
  • Footlights
  • Sound& light controlled delay switch
  • Card access
  • Wireless AP
  • Capacitive touch
  • Touch type delay switch?
  • Dimming and fan
  • doorbell
  • volume switch



  • WIFI 插座2

  • WIFI 插座

  • 调速开关(明装)

  • 调光开关(普通)

  • 调光开关(过EMC)

  • 调光开关(带编码器旋钮)

  • 带保险丝

  • 定阻式调音开关

  • 定压式调音开关


Shenzhen Hopot Electronics Co.,Ltd

Founded in 1998, the company specializes in the development and production of electrical and electronic switch functional components and energy-saving and intelligent products. ? ?
In order to meet the company's development needs, the company opened the Huizhou base in the first half of 2015. The base is located in Xintang Village, Qiuchang Town, Huiyang District, only 6 kilometers away from Pingshankengzi, Shenzhen. The base still relies on the developed electronic resources of Shenzhen.
Strict management, professional creation, long-term provide users with high-quality products and services.
Products include: Pir Sensor Switch, microwave radar sensor series, induction power saver series, main and passive infrared sensor series, USB power, sound and light control series, light control series, dimming speed series, Touch series, Card access, foot light series, indicator light series, hotel electronic product series and other electrical and electronic products.

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Our Advantages

Why did you choose us?

  • Advantage one

    ★ 20 years of experience in technology innovation and production

    The industry-leading production base of electric and electronic products has a large number of professional equipment for advanced production, testing, and experimentation; it has many R&D teams with excellent professional knowledge and rich design; standardized and strong production and quality management team. Design and production of famous electrician enterprises at home and abroad.

  • Advantage two

    ★ Quality Control

    ? ?

    Strict management, standardized operation, ISO9000 quality management system certification, a number of national patents, long-term Siemens, Legrand, Bull, Liansu, Panasonic, Sanxiong Aurora, Op, Flying Eagle, Chint, Hagrid, etc. The famous electrician enterprise provides R&D, production and technical support services.

  • Advantage three

    ★ Perfect sales service system

    Customer satisfaction and trust are our driving force. The marketing team responds quickly and provides technical support and communication throughout the year to provide our customers with more quality products and better services.